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White goods, computer and laptop recycling. Electrical recycling in
Plymouth, Devon, Cornwall and the South West.
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Collectrical CIC ethos

We are a community based, not for profit organisation reusing and recycling white goods, computers, laptops and unwanted electrical items.
Collectrical CIC is the largest and longest running electrical recycling company in Plymouth and the surrounding areas, accommodating a large number of companies in a professional manner.

Collectrical’s ethos has always been community focused and we aim to help by donating goods via partner companies, such as Shekinah, to those in need. With thanks to HBH Woolacotts and, the work they provide we are able to donate white goods, which are an essential part of life, to those in need.

How it works

We collect non-hazardous electrical items from domestic and commercial customers and refurbish them. Our computer, laptop and electrical recycling provides computers to those in need. We are based in Plymouth and collect and recycle unwanted electrical items from the surrounding area.

electronic waste

We aim to provide at least two donations a week. In the last 8 years we have given away well over 1000 donations items to good causes

Get in touch with us to find out how we can work with you to collect and recycle your unwanted electrical equipment.