Collectrical CIC is a not for profit organisation specialising in collecting, refurbishing and recycling un-wanted, un-needed and broken electrical equipment from both domestic and commercial customers.

As a social enterprise, Collectrical are dedicated to donating white goods and computers to those in need. This would not be possible without the work provided by HBH Woolacotts and computer companies including CUTEC.

The company was formed in March 2013. Since then close to 1000 items have been given away to charities, organisations, families and individuals in need. We believe everyone has the right to essential items. Everyone needs a way to clean clothes, store and cook food. We believe that access to a computer is necessary for every school child, and helps so much with other individuals for social inclusion.

Collectrical is a family run organisation, occasionally we are lucky enough to have volunteers helping us. Sometimes it’s nice for someone to spend a few hours a week helping us, we have even helped many volunteers get into full time jobs.

electronic waste

Get in touch with us to find out how we can work with you to collect and recycle your unwanted electrical equipment.