WEEE recycling, computer disposal and data wiping in Plymouth, the best service guaranteed.

Collectrical offers WEEE recycling of all non-hazardous and hazardous electrical and electronic equipment, working or not.

Hazardous Waste Solutions WEEE Collections
  • Working items, which are suitable for refurbishment and resale are tested and thoroughly cleaned. Where thermal paste is required reapplication is performed.
  • With computer disposal we provide a full data wiping service.
  • All unnecessary badges are removed before upgrading is undertaken.
  • For equipment not suited to refurbishment a manual dismantling process is undertaken and parts are harvested for use as spares in upgrading of re-saleable items.
  • Sub-assemblies and materials are thensegregated for recycling. These materials are then dispatched to licensed WEEE recycling facilities where they are used in place of raw materials in industrial processes.
  • Where hard-drives are identified as suitable for reuse our dataeradication procedure will always be employed.
  • For all computer disposals and where hard-drives are unsuitablefor reuse they are eradicated before being sent for refinement

Organisations have a duty of care to ensure that wastes are consigned to registered carriers and properly stored and disposed of at appropriately licensed facilities.

Directors, Managers and other employees who deal with environmental waste matters can all be held liable and face fines and imprisonment if laws are broken

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